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Urge Congress to Extend the WIC Bump!


Unless Congress Acts Now, Families Will Soon Have Fewer WIC Benefits

Congress has one more week to pass the government funding package for FY 2023. Tell Congress to prioritize WIC benefits for families with low income.

Since the pandemic, the WIC benefit bump has helped kids and families access extra fruits and vegetables, but the increased benefits are scheduled to end on December 23rd.

The bump increased WIC fruit and vegetable benefits from $9-11 per month to $25 per month for children and $44-49 per month for pregnant and postpartum participants.

The WIC benefit bump enables families with low income to purchase a greater variety and quantity of nutritious fresh foods during critical periods of child development and helps counter the effects of rising food prices.

Tell Congress to #ExtendTheWICBump before Dec 23, 2022, to ensure participants will not lose those critical benefits.

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