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Urge Congress to Fully Fund WIC in the 2024 Budget


Thank you for all your advocacy!

We have been able to avert severe cuts to the WIC program and a Government shutdown, but more is needed.

The Continuing Resolution (H.R. 5860) is only a temporary solution. Congress has until Nov 17, 2023, to negotiate and approve a funding package for 2024.

Please join us in asking Congress to prioritize WIC benefits for families in the 2024 final Budget.

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) has been a lifeline for families with low income for nearly fifty years. However, WIC participation is surging beyond previous projections. As of the first six months of fiscal year 2023, WIC serves 6.6 million participants, exceeding earlier estimates.

This accelerated growth and higher food prices demand additional funding to maintain the no-waitlist commitment and continue to provide the current science-based food benefits.

Yet, the House Appropriations Committee has proposed devastating cuts to WIC funding, including a significant reduction in the fruit and vegetable benefits.

The Senate Budget bill allocation is not enough to sustain the program either.

The consequences of these proposed cuts are alarming. 1-4 year-olds would see their monthly allotment for fruits and vegetables slashed from $25 to just $11. For nursing mothers, it drops from $49 to $15. These reductions hinder the nutritional well-being of underserved Californian families and can create waiting lists for WIC assistance.

Tell Congress to increase WIC funding in the 2024 Budget before Nov 17, 2023, to ensure participants will not lose critical benefits or be turned away.

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